Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Do we have Chemistry.?

read this post from here few minutes td.. n yeah.. do agree with her..:)

this not bout a love potion that we use to make someone fall for you.. *in our love story xde mender nih yer.. all comes naturally ecehh..* it start with attraction then nonverbal part la kan.. jeling2.. pandang2.. sengih2.. *oohh sungguh kelaka* then it start with real conversation.. kire verbal la nih.. then u start to know each other.. ms ni la bila rasa nak text him.. he text u first.. then when u about to say sumthing he just naturally cont your words.. he just understand what u want to say even ms tu just buat angkat2 kening ker.. buat muker ker..:P hehe.. ya..ya.. kitorg ada chemistry.. hehe..:)

n He's my superman..:) sbb he said he'll protect me no matter what.. he'll make me happy.. he'll make me smile.. dan yg PALING penting.. dia SAAAAAYAAANG sayer.. hehe.. *opsss terjiwang sket*


Ika Razak said...

smoga berbahagia.. :D

cikin said...

amiiinnnn... macih ika..:) moga ika pun bahagia selalu n cecepat dpt jodoh..:)