Monday, January 22, 2007

miss all my frennss soooo much..

~get this interesting stuff from kak azra-upm.. sorry ek amik.. huhuhu

"seminit utk menghancurkan seseorg.. sejam utk menyukai seseorg.. tetapi.. mengambil seluruh kehidupan utk melupakan seseorg.."

betull.. damn true..
when we start our school.. not easy to find someone who can fits us right..
we dun even know them..
but later, we start chatting.. smile.. laugh.. and even cry together
then we became frenss.. very gud frenss..
and now, here i am.. missing all my frennsss out there..
really miss you guysss...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

today = sunday..!!!

this weekend same as last weekend..
waste my time.. watching tv..
but the differ..
my mom's not here..
balik kg tgk atok..
tonight insyaAllah she'll be back..
coz tomorrow.. we'll start working..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

17th Jan 2007

check my frienster and found '1 msg unread' ohh.. it's from my fellow fren, izni.. she's getting married this feb. so she need my add to send the card.. so.. i replied and congrats her.. hmm.. when i received this kind of msg.. something pop in my mind.. we're getting older and older.. but still i haven't grab my dreams yet.. insyaAllah someday 'll.. aminnn...

8.30am-12.30pm, went for briefing - finance , SAP briefing. i thought this 'll teach me on how to use the SAP Sys. but.. they just go through the new account sys and not even touch bout SAP Sys.. hmmm... so ape lg.. ngntuk la.. thank god it just half day session. if it's whole day.. kua la ketidakdisiplinanku untuk mengescapekan diri dr briefing tu.. nnti terserlahla keperibadianku yg murni lg tulus suci ni.. seganla klu org smuer puji ngn keupayaanku ni.. huhuhu..

currently my mind flew for..
how to create short movie (30mins).. it's not movie actually.. it's more to counseling session but involve real conversation.. with me inside as helper and other person as helpee.. this v.taping is officially confidential and only helper..helpee.. and my beloved lect jer yg tau bout the topic.. coz inside this we'll discuss bout personal prob.. and normally it'll comes with a lot of emotions and feelings..

Sunday, January 14, 2007

some are real..

i'm suppose to post this jiwang poem last week but dun have time to publish it.. ;(

last night i had a dream..
it seems real
he left me without saying gudbye..
i can feel that was our last meet..
i thought i won't feel anything..
but.. it really hurt inside..
feeling like to cry..
but so many people there..
had to hold my tears..
and all my frenss are there..
so.. had to keep on smile..
even my heart still want to cry..
is it true he'll leave me in reality..?
people said dreams comes backward in real..
so, is it me who'll left him..?
and if do, will he cried..?

some stuff yg karat..

my friend said i need love..
but i do have love..
then she said.. 'you need a real love'..
'go find a boyfriend'
'then you'll learn how to love'..
i'm still with my words.. i do have love..
my life full with love..
later, she said.. 'just go outside..
and make new friends..
there you'll find a new life
and love'..

~karat sekaratkaratnyer..huaaahahaa..;-))


i made up my mind at last.. this sem still will take 5 sub.. but decided to take interviewing.. HRU.. IBM 530 and TITAS 2.. IBM 548 & TITAS 1 maybe next sem.. but have'nt reg yet HRU & TITAS 2.. later will.. last date for reg pon lmbat lg.. 20th Jan.. so.. no rush la kan..huhuhu..;P

Friday, January 12, 2007

hr ni hr jumaat...

-to those yg x tau today's day kat Malaysia.. ~today's friday.. tomorrow's saturday.. huhu
-still fasting today.. ;) baguss...
-but terbau ikan bakar... waaa... sib baik x tegugat.. huhuhu
-want to lose 5kg... ~you can do it Shikin..!!!!
-got TITAS class.. huhuhu..
-sat g kner pi wisma ~anta compliance statement
-so GEMS & ITSSO.. u guys anta sendiri la ek.. lmbat sgt.. kahkahkah..
-10 mins ago br balik dr isi minyak..
-today's my turn bawak keta pi kelas.. yihaaa..;)
-SAP still pending.. what a day..
-sejuk giller kat sni.. ~next time kner bwk stokin gi opis.. hrrrhhrrrhrr..
-pk idea merepek ~nak buat unggun api dlm opis..
-wanna stop my posting here.. till next post.. kuikuikui...:P

Thursday, January 11, 2007

pending 'to do' in my 'to do list'

pending 'to do' in my 'to do list'

hmmm.. hari2 dok tengok perkataan ni in my 'to do list' - SAP System pending...!!! not really the system cannot run but my ID's the spoiler.. everytime enter something, kua "you're not authorize to continue running the system".. haila.. biler la nak activate ID ni.. byk pending klu x msk system ni.. and another thing other people from other div keep calling me and tnyer how to running the sys.. cmner nak jawab..? me pon xbole running and the bad thing.. got ID but not authorize.. so why bother giving me an ID if they set me as 'not authorize'. for what purpose they giving me the ID..? hmmm..

the 6th..

this sem, i'm gonna take 5 sub.. Interviewing, IBM (both 530 + 548), TITAS and Global Mkt. means, everyday i got class accept saturday & sunday but ni pon depends.. this make my schedule full untill next 4 month.. waaa.. really penat.. biler nak habis nih..!!.. supposely this sem i only took 4 sub but sbb nak cepat habis.. i've to take 5 sub for this and next sem.. hehee.. pandainyer..

tetiber jer teringat kat satu commercial bout mini ice cream cornetto.. sian kat kucing yg really comel+gebu+geramnyer biler nmpak dier+terlalu la cute+tangan dier comel+color putih klu x silap..;) tuan dier smpi hati x bg kucing dier rasa ice cream tu.. smpi dh terbelit dengan benang bulu and jd bola.. penat je kucing tu merayu simpati kat tuan dier nak sikit ice cream tp malangnyer.. tuannyer terus mkn tanpa hiraukan perasaan kucing yg terlalula comel and cute mute ni.. mmg kesian+kelaka.. brilliant la org yg buat/karang iklan ni.. ;-))

Sunday, January 07, 2007

today's journal...

today's tv time..

~ yoyo's time @ ntv7

~ UFO baby @ ntv7
- really love this story ..cute lil' Lu.. this story is bout.. Miyu, who're sweet, simple, and a little confused eighth grader. She lives a simple and a normal life with her parents, until she and her family comes to know that Miki and Yuu, her parents, are hired by NASA and they have to go to USA, leaving Miyu alone. But they don't leave her alone, instead Miki leaves Miyu to her deceased friend, Hitomi's home, Saionji Temple. But even Mr. Hokoshou, Hitomi's husband and a buddhist, had to leave home for his practice. The elders have no choice but have to leave Miyu and Hokoshou's son, Kanata, alone.

Kanata, also an eighth grader, is a sensible, practical, and an extremely handsome boy. They both meet each other and their lives are no longer normal. Both Miyu and Kanata start going to the same school. At first they hate each other, but then they start having feelings for each other. Adding fun and twist to the series comes two aliens from planet Auto, a very cute and humble baby, Lu, who looks no different than a normal baby and can make things fly, along with his pet-sitter, Bowmoew, half-dog and half-cat. So here starts the main story! A funny series about how Miyu and Kanata hide their alien friends from their families. Though at first they find it hard, but love, belief, and friendship bonds them together as a family.

~ Mistic @ ntv7
- a young girl who has to stay with 'some kind of alien maybe' *luper nama family tu* kat dlm hutan.. very energetic ;)

~ jubie chan @ ntv7
- this story bout a girl who then found her as 2nd Jubie (warrior) but then her friend want to kill her coz of revenge *thought Jubie killed her father but that was 300 years ago and Jubie mner ade lagi ms tu*'s story~ jubie seems dh hilang ingatan.. she don't even recognize her dad.. next series.. she'll fight with her 'friend', frisha.. jahatnyer frisha ni.. X(

~ winx club @ tv3
- bloom knows who she was now *but the truth, what she knows is not the real truth.. the three witch lied to her.. hehe..Bloom’s bf cute and really suits her..;)

~ totally spies @ tv3
- these three college girls are spies!!!.. like their outfits and all the accessories plus all the technologies.. really canggih and all are free ..!!! Jerry.. I want those too... ;-))

~ ultraman nexus @ tv3
- recall time.. cerita cmner he meet and become d' ultraman...tgk ni utk spent time sblm my fav cartoon start.. huhuhu.. but sometimes this ultraman stuff can really make me cry.. sob..sob..sob..

~ prince of tennis @ ntv7
-The Echizen's set up a perfect example for all tennis players, it doesn't matter what your motives are, what your personality is like, as long as you want to play tennis, you will be able to reach the top and become a super star! Really love this cartoon.. my fav..;-))

~ melodi @ tv3
- i think.. everyone already knew what happened in this programme.. ;-))

Saturday, January 06, 2007

abstract.. really suits my mood...

abstract.. you really suits my mood now... so full with colors...

should it be pinky..?

Suddenly there's a larva lamp in my credit.. Why I put it there..? Hmm still wondering.. It seems that my page doesn't really turn into what I want when I put that lamp.. I thought this lamp could cheer up my page yg gelap ni.. But doesn't really turn into planned.. nvm next time will figure out how to lighten my page.. or should I just change my background..? Put some pink color behind then I can call it "pinky page".. huhu..

Ok..stop with the larva lamp.. before the memory land in my mind hilang bout yesterday.. better jot it in here so next time I can read and play jigsaw puzzle with my

My 3rd counting *I thnk* in 2007 was for Susani.. yup.. her last day in Group IT was yesterday.. it was short notice and we don’t even have time to plan a farewell party for her.. we just went out for lunch at LaManila ~nearby our office.. like before, my menus still shanghai noodles + green grass for my drink and desert = vanilla ice-cream..huhuhu.. but yesterday the shanghai noodles tasted strange.. maybe they’re using different source and of coz the source color is still black..if not, we’re not called it shanghai noodles.. huhuhu..

My 1st time with ‘green grass’.. hmm.. it taste really sedap..x tipu..but cm pelik coz it’s GREEN ..hahaha ..what do I aspect ? grass=green.. green=grass.. my frens told me that it’s not really grass that you blended where it then turn into ‘green grass’. It’s chlorophyll !!!.. whoa.. does this means.. I’m some kind of plant..? doing all the photosynthesis process and get energy from light..? how do I look like if there’s leaves on my face and a Lilly came out from my head.. hahaha..

Thursday, January 04, 2007

me and you..

you're you
and me is still me
we are different
but.. why me want to be you..
and you want to be me
me know me will still special to be me
and you knew you're special because you're you
but still me want to be you
and you keep on dreaming to be me
you pretend to be me
and me will react as you suppose too

~hmm..rasenyer smuer org penh rase cmni.. want to be someone else though diri s'diri dh terlalu special because you are you.. kiter kekadang tak nmpak istimewanyer jd our own smpi lihat other people so special than we are.. and tanpa kiter sedar ada tikanyer other people pon nak jd cm kiter coz they found us special than they do..

~conclusionnyer.. jdlah hambaNya yg bersyukur.. though kiter tak dpt seperti other people dpt, that doesn't mean we have to become them.. be your own and react as your own.. that's make you special from others.. bak kater org.. unik.. hehee.. mner bole copy2 from org lain tak ori la.. btoi takk.;P

Monday, January 01, 2007

selingan new yr..

it's raining outside..really suits the mood to merepek + merapu..huhuhu


hard to explain.. hard to forget
even it's simple.. but the word's stll blanks
just eyes can tell the fairytale
ears seems to listen the silent
and heart keep on crying
even the tears doesn't roll down
and that's how the story began...

people cry when they sad
and some whilst happy
tears will still roll down
if there's sincere in heart
true feeling came out
and that's why we cried

pretend to be happy
while sad
keep on laughing
even heart still crying
keep on moving
though it's hard
keep the smiling
to bring the joy
throw all the sadness
built the happiest time
so people won't know the story behind...

here the bebel goes..

Appy new yr dude..
wondering when is my last posting..hmm..

in Year 2006..:
-stll working..though muler bored.. alhmdullah..
-p'mnnt... alhmdullh..
-fin my 5th sem in uitm.. alhmdullh..
-drive car by my own to class.. ~slalu my dad antar..huhuhu
-knowing lot of frennss + gain lot knowledge + experience... ;)
-1st time as a trainer.. best2..
-meet Marina.. stll missing her here..
-Hani + Ieja + Naem kawin.. congrats guyss..(smaklian '99)
-Kak Faezah+ Kak Ain kawin.. congratss..;) ~ TM
-Abg Man kawin with kak last..;) ~family
-Mien + Anne dpt baby.. cute sgt..;) ~ YPMKtn
-missing all my frenss (smakl + ypm + ytm)
-order a lot of barang kat idah.. but still x dpt..;P
-dpt tpt duduk strategic giler kat office.. heheh mmg tersorok..but stll beside my bos' room.. yeahh.. knew tht i'll be sitting there.. i'm his sec..;-))
-no hadiah for me ths yr..;-(( but stll my perut kenyang.. byk mkn cake.. lol..
-others..keep as secret..thanks mom.. lol..

ok.. my new yr strt with counting..huhuhu..:
-tomorrow stll cuti.. yeeee..
-but next tmorrow dh kjer..;( & Din's going back to school hahaha...;)
-ths month.. incrmnt brape ek..? can't hardly wait to check my slip lol...
-next week start class..
-next week susani 'll leave Group IT.. going back to Sabah for good..
-next 3 month.. rita..faizal.. En. Marzuki trnsfer to TTDI..
-next 3 month also, Grp S'vc Mgmt & BC 'll join us..
-next 3 month.. my final 'll strt..
-nest 3 month adilah getting married.. insyaAllah.. amiinn...
-April maybe.. Group ITAIC pi KLJ.. huhuhu.. Group IT going to miss them..:(
-May '07 ~insyaAllah my c's pulang..
-insyaAllah dpt brg yg odered from idah..:P
-June ~my b-day
-July ~c's + dad's b-day
-Sept ~Mom's b-day
-Dec ~ Din's B-day
-new yr again..'08 (hope umo stll panjang insyaAllah..aminnn...)

want to grab in Yr '07:
-of coz my work + study + life ~excellent
-wanna meet my fwenss smakl+ytm+ypm
-ring my fwenss
-nak pi jln2 with my c's n bro
-nak bunger...
-others ... secret mehh...

~~smoger Allah memanjangkan umo kami sekeluarga + kesihatan yg baik + sentiasa dlm keberkatanNya + memudahkan segala urusan kami + kurniakan rezeki yg melimpah ruah + jauhkan dr melakukan perkara yg x diredhaiNya.. Amiinnn..;)