Monday, December 31, 2007

appy new yr to all...

we keep on hopping for new things when nw yr's coming..
n hope what we wished will come true before d' ending.. aminnn... insyaAllah..:)

Monday, December 24, 2007


when every move that u make seems out of place..
and u don't have any clue how to get off of it..
and when things never get defined..
and ur tears falls again...
and the sadness is in ur eyes...
don't just walk away and left it behind..
even it's so hard to move on..
don't let the hate takes over the love..
coz someday..
u'll find the place again of ur joy and hapiness..
hope is still there..
u just have to search for it.. > lol sound like motto..:P

My First Melody

flash back..;)
23rd nov 2007 @ 11.44pm ~ d' first melody sank..
means > its already been a month but cam dh lama jer..:)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

saya kena demam campak yg ada air tu.. :( already been 3 days... dorg kater akan baik after a week or maybe 2 weekss.. waaaaa... lama tuhhh... tangan ni sik gatal jer nak garu.. tp ku kuatkan gak hati ni jgn garu yer tgn ku.. heheehhh...

thanks to my parents.. my c's, my bro.. him.. my prenssss.. my bosss.. byk advice yg dorg bg.. time kacih yer.. tp byk yg same..:P > jgn garu.. tahan yer.. saba yer.. minum air kelapa bebanyak.. jgn kena air ujan.. minum air banyak2... n etc..