Friday, April 27, 2007


suddenly br realise tht TM blocked all my fav link.. accept my enovel & my blog.. hahahah.. but i think next few months.. thse link will be blocked too.. yup.. i'm 100% sure.. definitely..!!!!
today.. penat sgt..!!! byk sgt kjer...!!!! the most penat thing was.. -prepare ITPRC nyer paper... waduhhh.. but it's fun.. yup really..really fun.. haa.. remmber last nite i said tht my bos 'll be on leave today kan.. but dia dtg td.. hahhahaa... sian.. he canceled his leave.. gor few mtg to be attended.. and currently he still in d' mtg.. ;P
kla.. nak pi legal to sttle our grpnyer contract jap.. pastu trus balikla.. tak larat dh ni... huhuhu...:P:P

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