Monday, April 30, 2007


huh.. confirm..!!! i'm d' only gurl in d' office.. they told me they'll come.. but rasenyer tak kot.. i'm aloneeee... tp takpe.. ade 3 guys accompany me.. huhuuu..

currently tgh abiskan my choc milk.. -dutch lady.. 500ml.. hehe..

assign yg kner anta on 3rd May n smuer x siap lg..:
-Grouping ~ presentation report, role play report
-Individual ~ DOL, V. tapping, VT report, Role play analysis/comment, take home test

my next paper:
-HRU ~ 2nd May
-IBM ~ 10th May
-Global ~ 13th May

::::::::::::::: *-*:::::::::::::::::

it's hard for me to explain
but also hard for me to keep it alone..



kuku said...

tak apa.. u can trust me.. spill jer kat aku..;)

sheqyn said...

terima kasih..;)