Monday, April 02, 2007

feeling smart.. :P

supposedly i'm published this entry last friday nite.. huhuhu...:P

hahahhaa... i'm feeling smart konon..:P whatever.. they ask me to pick one.. so decided to pick "smart" hahahaha... hmm... bz gak td kat office.. prepare for ITPRC's Mtg next monday... byk plak paper nak msk sitting kali ni.. the big committee up to 10 papers to be presented.. small committee pon samer.. smuer lumber2 nak mintak approval.. ya..ya... new yr means.. new project.. hahahhahaa... mmg costly.. huh...

few hours ago.. just finished answering my IBM test.. abis jer prepare paper for ITPRC td... nearly 6.45pm.. so sempat lgla nak survey2 ape yg ptt kat dlm buku tu.. my test start at 8.15pm. so, me just have half an hour to study for test.. pastu kner drive pi kelas plak.. last nite cadang nak bacer gak.. but end dgn buku bacer sayer.. hahahahhaa.... during lunch hour pi mkn kat secret recipe plak.. so x sempat nak bacer ms lunch hour td.. tp alhmdullh... apa yg dok selak2 setengah jam tu.. klua dlm test... alhmdullh...:) kire point2 dh adela.. isi just goreng jer.. hahahahhaa... n naib baik sempat smpi utk jawab test.. yerla..dtg2 jer td.. org smuer dh tekun jawab test.. klu jln tak jem.. gerenti sempat smpi.. huh.. tp papepon.. my test dh slamt jawab dh.. n whtever the result is.. i hav to admit it coz.. wht u pay tu yg u dpt kan.. so i'm not paying the max price.. so when the mrks rendah.. dun blame the price.. hahaahaaa... tp rasa insyaAllah kot.. ok kot.. aminnn..

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