Sunday, January 07, 2007

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~ yoyo's time @ ntv7

~ UFO baby @ ntv7
- really love this story ..cute lil' Lu.. this story is bout.. Miyu, who're sweet, simple, and a little confused eighth grader. She lives a simple and a normal life with her parents, until she and her family comes to know that Miki and Yuu, her parents, are hired by NASA and they have to go to USA, leaving Miyu alone. But they don't leave her alone, instead Miki leaves Miyu to her deceased friend, Hitomi's home, Saionji Temple. But even Mr. Hokoshou, Hitomi's husband and a buddhist, had to leave home for his practice. The elders have no choice but have to leave Miyu and Hokoshou's son, Kanata, alone.

Kanata, also an eighth grader, is a sensible, practical, and an extremely handsome boy. They both meet each other and their lives are no longer normal. Both Miyu and Kanata start going to the same school. At first they hate each other, but then they start having feelings for each other. Adding fun and twist to the series comes two aliens from planet Auto, a very cute and humble baby, Lu, who looks no different than a normal baby and can make things fly, along with his pet-sitter, Bowmoew, half-dog and half-cat. So here starts the main story! A funny series about how Miyu and Kanata hide their alien friends from their families. Though at first they find it hard, but love, belief, and friendship bonds them together as a family.

~ Mistic @ ntv7
- a young girl who has to stay with 'some kind of alien maybe' *luper nama family tu* kat dlm hutan.. very energetic ;)

~ jubie chan @ ntv7
- this story bout a girl who then found her as 2nd Jubie (warrior) but then her friend want to kill her coz of revenge *thought Jubie killed her father but that was 300 years ago and Jubie mner ade lagi ms tu*'s story~ jubie seems dh hilang ingatan.. she don't even recognize her dad.. next series.. she'll fight with her 'friend', frisha.. jahatnyer frisha ni.. X(

~ winx club @ tv3
- bloom knows who she was now *but the truth, what she knows is not the real truth.. the three witch lied to her.. hehe..Bloom’s bf cute and really suits her..;)

~ totally spies @ tv3
- these three college girls are spies!!!.. like their outfits and all the accessories plus all the technologies.. really canggih and all are free ..!!! Jerry.. I want those too... ;-))

~ ultraman nexus @ tv3
- recall time.. cerita cmner he meet and become d' ultraman...tgk ni utk spent time sblm my fav cartoon start.. huhuhu.. but sometimes this ultraman stuff can really make me cry.. sob..sob..sob..

~ prince of tennis @ ntv7
-The Echizen's set up a perfect example for all tennis players, it doesn't matter what your motives are, what your personality is like, as long as you want to play tennis, you will be able to reach the top and become a super star! Really love this cartoon.. my fav..;-))

~ melodi @ tv3
- i think.. everyone already knew what happened in this programme.. ;-))

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