Thursday, January 04, 2007

me and you..

you're you
and me is still me
we are different
but.. why me want to be you..
and you want to be me
me know me will still special to be me
and you knew you're special because you're you
but still me want to be you
and you keep on dreaming to be me
you pretend to be me
and me will react as you suppose too

~hmm..rasenyer smuer org penh rase cmni.. want to be someone else though diri s'diri dh terlalu special because you are you.. kiter kekadang tak nmpak istimewanyer jd our own smpi lihat other people so special than we are.. and tanpa kiter sedar ada tikanyer other people pon nak jd cm kiter coz they found us special than they do..

~conclusionnyer.. jdlah hambaNya yg bersyukur.. though kiter tak dpt seperti other people dpt, that doesn't mean we have to become them.. be your own and react as your own.. that's make you special from others.. bak kater org.. unik.. hehee.. mner bole copy2 from org lain tak ori la.. btoi takk.;P

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