Monday, January 01, 2007

selingan new yr..

it's raining outside..really suits the mood to merepek + merapu..huhuhu


hard to explain.. hard to forget
even it's simple.. but the word's stll blanks
just eyes can tell the fairytale
ears seems to listen the silent
and heart keep on crying
even the tears doesn't roll down
and that's how the story began...

people cry when they sad
and some whilst happy
tears will still roll down
if there's sincere in heart
true feeling came out
and that's why we cried

pretend to be happy
while sad
keep on laughing
even heart still crying
keep on moving
though it's hard
keep the smiling
to bring the joy
throw all the sadness
built the happiest time
so people won't know the story behind...

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