Saturday, January 06, 2007

should it be pinky..?

Suddenly there's a larva lamp in my credit.. Why I put it there..? Hmm still wondering.. It seems that my page doesn't really turn into what I want when I put that lamp.. I thought this lamp could cheer up my page yg gelap ni.. But doesn't really turn into planned.. nvm next time will figure out how to lighten my page.. or should I just change my background..? Put some pink color behind then I can call it "pinky page".. huhu..

Ok..stop with the larva lamp.. before the memory land in my mind hilang bout yesterday.. better jot it in here so next time I can read and play jigsaw puzzle with my

My 3rd counting *I thnk* in 2007 was for Susani.. yup.. her last day in Group IT was yesterday.. it was short notice and we don’t even have time to plan a farewell party for her.. we just went out for lunch at LaManila ~nearby our office.. like before, my menus still shanghai noodles + green grass for my drink and desert = vanilla ice-cream..huhuhu.. but yesterday the shanghai noodles tasted strange.. maybe they’re using different source and of coz the source color is still black..if not, we’re not called it shanghai noodles.. huhuhu..

My 1st time with ‘green grass’.. hmm.. it taste really sedap..x tipu..but cm pelik coz it’s GREEN ..hahaha ..what do I aspect ? grass=green.. green=grass.. my frens told me that it’s not really grass that you blended where it then turn into ‘green grass’. It’s chlorophyll !!!.. whoa.. does this means.. I’m some kind of plant..? doing all the photosynthesis process and get energy from light..? how do I look like if there’s leaves on my face and a Lilly came out from my head.. hahaha..

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