Wednesday, January 17, 2007

17th Jan 2007

check my frienster and found '1 msg unread' ohh.. it's from my fellow fren, izni.. she's getting married this feb. so she need my add to send the card.. so.. i replied and congrats her.. hmm.. when i received this kind of msg.. something pop in my mind.. we're getting older and older.. but still i haven't grab my dreams yet.. insyaAllah someday 'll.. aminnn...

8.30am-12.30pm, went for briefing - finance , SAP briefing. i thought this 'll teach me on how to use the SAP Sys. but.. they just go through the new account sys and not even touch bout SAP Sys.. hmmm... so ape lg.. ngntuk la.. thank god it just half day session. if it's whole day.. kua la ketidakdisiplinanku untuk mengescapekan diri dr briefing tu.. nnti terserlahla keperibadianku yg murni lg tulus suci ni.. seganla klu org smuer puji ngn keupayaanku ni.. huhuhu..

currently my mind flew for..
how to create short movie (30mins).. it's not movie actually.. it's more to counseling session but involve real conversation.. with me inside as helper and other person as helpee.. this v.taping is officially confidential and only helper..helpee.. and my beloved lect jer yg tau bout the topic.. coz inside this we'll discuss bout personal prob.. and normally it'll comes with a lot of emotions and feelings..

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