Thursday, October 07, 2004

wut a boring day wrk to do.. n my pc stll not arrive. even arip is not here n i can use his pc.. i stll bored. ym always dc here. I don't know why telekom's line is like this.. ~stll blaming telekom even i wrk in telekom.. lol.~ thank god i stll got my gaji even there's no wrk to do..hahhaa. tomorrw is my final exam for BAB401 n hope i'll score in ths subject.. bahase arab ma'.. ermmm..
tomorrow.. d' day after tomorrow n d' day after tomorrow tomorrow cutiiii... i can watch tv all d time n can eat wut ever i want to.. can sleep.. can drive anywhere.. hahhaa...coz it cuti ma' . i have the time all by myself n no one can disturb me. even in office also there's no one disturbing me but i stll wanna spend my time at home.. opsss.. sorry just now my boss coming. actually he's d' GM here.. he asking me whether i can go to wisma tomorrow..wanna know wut's my ans to his ques..?? hehee.. ermm.. sorry boss i can't go.. tomorrow i'm gonna take a leave.. lol..
ok.. i thnk thts all 4 now.. i dunnu wut else to write.. i wanna check my space after this.. chow~~

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