Monday, October 11, 2004


Are u just a bird that's already flown away or still wrapped in ur warm cocoon.. waiting for someone to wake u up.. ~ any moment.. e'things can change.. and there's something new will come.. u can't control but u can plan.. and there's no turning back.. although u wanna hide it away.. and forget about it.. but u can't... it still haunting u here... in ur heart.. u still can't stop it from follow u like ur own shadow.. some say life is easy.. and some say life is full with tears... but it still is ur destination... u can't just hide and losing ur day as it doesn't really matter.. maybe u said tht u've got all the things u want too and u don't have to struggle to digging a wonderful life... but u still have to dig it and working hard on it to have some fun.. life will be better if full of adventures and full of joy.. 'it's like the shinning sun who will struggle to make the clouds disappear from the sky'... ~hilary said..not but sometimes.. when every move that u make seems out of place.. and don't have clue how to get off of it.. and when things never get defined.. and ur tears falls again... and the sadness is in ur eyes... don't just walk away and left it behind even it's so hard to move on.. don't let the hate takes over the love.. coz someday.. u'll find the place again of ur joy and hapiness.. hope is still there.. u just have to search for it..

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