Wednesday, October 13, 2004

today's story is about.. my fav cartoon...~SAILORMOON~ i like this cartoon.. erm... her name is Tsukino Usagi.. even she's not like the others characters in this series, but i stll like her...she's cute.. kind, gentle, and wants everyone to get along. She wants to protect her friends and she wants them all to be happy. She's also a klutz, and tends to cry a lot, but her heart is always in the right place. she's the leader of the Sailor Scouts Moon and she also is the Princess Serenity reborn. This girl has a good future ahead of her, she's gonna rule the world! Thats what makes her stand out form the others. ~~~This is how the story began...
Once upon a time, there was a kingdom and it had a beautiful princess. And the princess loved a prince from a neighboring kingdom, Earth. And, of course, this prince loved the princess too. But then a war broke out, and the two were divided. The battle raged, and the princess's mother, the queen, decided tht she have send her daughter to the future, where she could grow up happily and love her prince in peaceful times. The queen used all the magic she have to sent the princess, the prince and the royal gaurds to the future. Thousands of years later, all were reborn into the bodies of ordinary people, living in Tokyo. .. wanna know more bout d' story..??

ok.. the beutiful gurl in white dress here is Princess Serenity. isn't she The man next to serenity (sailormoon/usagi) is Mamoru Chiba (the prince). he's the protector of the Sailor Scouts (as Tuxedo Mask) and the love of Serenity. He was orphaned as a child and had no recollection of his past until the Moon Crystal was formed. ermmm .. bout moon crystal this thing was formed when they both realize tht they mean for each other.. hahhaa.. so sweet... He then discovered that he was Prince Darien of Earth and that he had sworn to protect Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. ~~ hehehe... ok.. gtg now.. hope u enjoy reading it..:P

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