Thursday, April 16, 2009

appy secretary day..:)

appy secretary day smuer..:) dh 3 thn setengah jd setiausaha terjun.. hehehehe..:P gud experience anyway..:) learn a lot of new things... knowing more ppl.. facing lotsss of ragam2 kehidupan (ecewahh).. facing lotssss of emotion frm others + ownself gak..:P learn how to control your face utk smile always even though you're not in the d' mood to smile... always say yes / ok walopon hang xtau pekebendernyer yg disebutkan tu (later br i figure out ape maksud yg org tu smpi kan.. wahahahah..:P)

but all these ni pun i learn while im as admin + acc + credit controller.. but in different way + situation.. tp kesimpulannyer.. everything involve in my life give me strength and make me stronger n helthier (dah start merepek dh ni..:P) hehe..:) pape pun.. i love my job.. my self.. but looking forward utk naik pangkat nih.. bossssssss, biler nak naikkan pangkat syer nih...:P:P hhehehe..:P:P

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