Monday, March 05, 2007

insafla shikinnn...!!!

k... ni nak insaf ni.. skejap jer msk blog nih.. pastu trus msk SAP.. jgn risau... hehehe... hmm.. as before, eager to write s'thing but the main thing to write still blurr...blurrr.. but no harm to write here kan... it's ma' page what.. :P ok.. 1st thing 1st... after this, hav to update s'thing in SAP byk wooo.. then, hav to remind my bos to approve the dlcm + SAP.. hmm.. ni anta mail jer..h e's not in d' off..:) + his schedule on 8th Mac..?!? later, cont. to fin all d' pymnt.. then.. send out an email to project manager to collect their GP Form.. then hav to settle wif the accrual thing.. pastu EA form.. min after, on9 training- admin things.. n forgot to mention here... me + my bos's nyer filing...:( seems like sket jer kan.. but some are loaded.. waaaa... insyaAllah.. u can do it shikin...!!!! ha dun forget to learn how to rqst for project in SAP... aiyaaaa... this new sys kan.. really naikkan headache ku la.. nway... my job bcome more interesting pe.. huahuahua... intersting ?!?!?!?!?!?! pape jerla...:P

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