Sunday, February 25, 2007

spice ur life...ermmm..pedas..pedas...;-))

hmmm.. this spice gurls song really suits my mood to type another posting.. thanks to my pagela kan coz it keep on playing ths song and brought the mood for me to add another posting here in my blog.. :) the thanks also goes to me la kan.. sbb me as empunyer page ni yg put that song here.. huhuhu... waaa... the mood to write tu ade but things to write tu still tak tau ape dier.. cmner ni.. wht to do..? someone plse help me..!!! hahaha.. ni mmg major prob ni..:P

'she was so sweet n young..n her life was just begun..' -spice gurls-
hmm.. am i like this gurl..? sweet..? hahaha... lawak..lawak.. not as sweet as her la kan.. but chommell ade kot.. if shue read this.. m'ti dier muntah sebaldi.. ke duer baldi shue..? :P but next sentence tu rase cm ada kena sket kot.. my life pon rasernyer cmtu.. still in d' beginning.. still learning on how to walk by ownself.. and the 'why' thing sometimes hunt me.. alhmdullh, thanks to Him, His blessing always with me.. :) Alhmdullh..:)

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