Friday, November 21, 2008

today's life..:)

2 very d' very wonderful things happen in my life today.. for me its wonderful.. hehe..:)
  1. i said to my mom dlm keta ms nak g opis td.. "shikin teringin nak makan nasi lemakla mak.. kat maner ada jual nasi lemak yg bungkus2 ek" n guess what..! @ 10am, my mom called n she asked me to collect my nasi lemak with her.. terharu sgt2.. hehehh.. best2..:) thanks mom..:) you're d' best..:):)
  2. im outing with my c's n bro @ amcorp mall (during lunch). i pick them up around 1.00pm.. then chow to amcorp.. susah btul nk dpt parking.. lunch kitorg makan kat solero negori dlm amcorp tu.. ala yg jalan2 cr mkn penah smpi tu.. BEST..:) as usual - Din mmg mkn byk..:P

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