Wednesday, February 06, 2008

she's going for her interview at maxis nxt wk.. gud luck dear.. :)

last nite > jom lepak at kedai teh.. ~dun u ever do tht again bro.. u shld start adventuring ur booksss..:P:P

yesterday celeb my boss b-day.. * boss, we still rqst u to blow d' candles n we want to sing a b-day song for u.. hehehh... :P

new bangsar village > high class maybe but xde org pon lepak kat stu.. n i wonder why... huhuhu..:P


my pending list as student:

- research > both ind + grp
- ibm > both ind + c-real
- law > both ind + grp
- test > ibm + law


sometimes we always forgot wht we already have..
n still demanding for wht we cldn't have..

the hardest things in communication is..
when other person cannot convey ur msg..

people sumtimes tend to be gud when they nd sumthing frm you..
but dun worry.. not all ppl like tht.. :)

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