Monday, January 21, 2008

after nearly 1 mth clss started.. dh brape hr ek ku pegi.. ermmm... 6 hari je kot... tu pon msk after solat maghrib.. waaa... sungguh bertuah lecturer yg dpt me as his student huhuhu..:P:P


sem ni amik employment law, international buss mgmt.. n research.. feel relief n very2 lucky n syukur sbb ths sem dpt lecturer yg bebest.. :) but still malas nk pi kelas.. ish..ish..ish.. ape nk jd nih shikin..


dun cry over what has happened in d' past
but be happy tht u cld enjoy d' moment..

n must always remember tht..
everything tht happens, happens for a reason

love cannot always full of happiness but..
it can always be full of love..

~random memory.. if not mistaken, read ths frm quote web.. :)

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