Saturday, December 24, 2005


love.. hmm wuts so speacial bout ths word anyway.. but "love" can change pple .. (kuat kan kuaser perkataan ni..) human are not themselves anymore once they involve with ths word.. am I right..?? hmm i thnk thts true.. love can make us blind.. like org melayu cakap "makan tak kenyang, mandi tak basah, tidur tak lena.. " hahhaha.. but i thnk i'm not like tht kot.. mandi ttp basahla kan.. dh kner jirus ngn air.. basahla..;P pastu makan x kenyang..?? rase mkn kenyang jer.. klu tak kenyang barula tido tak lena.. hehehe.. but yup.. really.. tak tipu.. love can make pple totally differ frm before. love can make us feel sad, joy, happy, frust etc.
bak kata citer indonesia tu, " Ada apa dengan Cinta..?" ~sorry la x ingt name laki hero tu~

once it touch us
we got blind
never know wht is true wht is false
everythng seems to be true
never know when we'll fall into a love trap
always hope it 'll end as we dream before

sometimes we dun get wht we want to
love can be soft
and it can be hard too
not all love 'll end wth marriage
once it broken..
like there's no colors in the world ever again

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